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About Us


Mission Statement:

Valley Nursery School exists, in partnership with parents and Valley Christian Church, to provide a strong foundation for learning in a nurturing environment where Christian faith and values shape each child’s learning experience. We provide children with a wide variety of learning experiences that support their spiritual, physical, intellectual, social and emotional development through direct instruction, purposeful play, and quiet time to explore, learn and discover. 


It is the vision of Valley Nursery School to establish a strong foundation that supports both spiritual and educational aspects of the whole child, instills a life-long love for learning and prepares them for their future as a young learner.

Philosophy of Education:

We recognize that children are a gift from the Lord and a blessing to their families. We want to provide a nurturing atmosphere where children can grow and develop the gifts and talents God has given them. We want them to hear about Jesus’ love and to make friends with other children while they enjoy their preschool experience with Christ centered teachers.


We believe that when a child is secure with their environment, they will thrive as individuals.  We are confident that each child can achieve optimal growth in a safe and educational environment that nurtures and teaches them at their developmental stage. 

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